January 27, 2010

New Designs from Phydeaux

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Phydeaux Design's patterns? (Hm. Perhaps once or twice...) I have to admit I hadn't knit a scarf or a cowl since my days as a beginning knitter (more than a decade ago) until I found these fabulous patterns. Could it be the lovely photography that inspires me to knit scarf after cowl? The luscious yarns? The stylish designs? All three?

Well, whatever it is, Phydeaux Designs is the reason all my relatives can expect scarves and cowls (once again—but this time with a tad more mastery) whenever they get gifts from me!

Check out these new lovelies and join me in knitting a cowl (or two, or three...).

Happy knitting all!


Gigi said...

Great looking cowls! Thanks for the links. I've been in a cowl knitting mood lately, so I'm adding these to my queue.

Brenda said...

Thank you, Amy! :) Brenda