February 23, 2010

A Little Thing for Sammie

We've got a couple new Danger Craft patterns in the shop, which is always a good thing. I mean, look at these cuties!



Apparently I've long had a thing for bunnies (my kids have so many it's like they're multiplying—a very bunny thing to do I suppose...) but now I know that I've also got a thing for Sammies. I just love that little sock monster!

And one of the best things about Rebecca's patterns is that they can accommodate just about any kind of yarn, so you can simply use what you have on hand (if you can gauge the length of a partially used skein a little better than I can or resist a quick trip to your favorite yarn store—something I have a lot of trouble with...). I did, however, resolve to get my stash under control this year so I can envision a few sock monsters and bunnies in my future...

Happy knitting everyone!

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