February 5, 2010

New Knitwear Designer: Kids Tricots

Look what I found!




Aren't they so lovely? These are some of the designs from Magpie's newest knitwear designer, Muriel Agator, creative genius behind Kids Tricots out of France.

I am so excited about these sweet patterns. I've been looking (and looking) for designers making lovely, classic sweaters for kids older than toddler age. Not that I don't love those patterns too, it's just that now that my oldest daughter is almost six and my son has just turned three, it seems that the pattern well is drying up. But Kids Tricots patterns are written for sizes all the way up to 8 years old! (You can guess what I'll be knitting just as soon as I finish the three itty bitty baby sweaters I've started...)

Here's to (really, really) letting my work-in-progress basket overflow! (Hope yours does too!)
Happy knitting everyone!

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muriel said...

oh thank you Amy ;)