February 25, 2010

A Very Special Day

Today is big at our house. It's my daughter's sixth birthday, and we've been counting down the days for at least a month now.

Any mother out there can relate, I'm sure, but I've been wondering (as I often do around birthdays) how the time has gone so fast. And sadly, it seems to move faster and faster all the time.

So we'll be taking the day (and probably the whole weekend) to do nothing other than celebrate this special occasion and enjoy her six-year-old smile, six-year-old laugh, and six-year-old kisses. Oh, and there might be cake and ice cream too. More than likely. :)

Here's to special days and ample time to enjoy them!


erin said...

wow, big day. Congratulations to her. I see she is holding a chick. Do you raise chickens?

GrebletteMom said...

Delurking to comment that my twin girls will be turning 6 soon. Six seems so ... big! So kid-and-definitely-not-baby. Little girl, big kid. Your daughter is beautiful.

Mama Magpie said...

Thanks so much! It's true - there's something so "big-kid" about six! I think my mom said this every year, but it's so true - it's hard to believe six years have passed since my baby was born. Time flies when you're having fun! :)

And we do have chickens, in the city even! We have five, but I have to admit, I wish we had ten! (Although my neighbors may take issue with that since the ladies are so noisy when they're getting ready to lay eggs...)

Jenn said...

Oh, six is coming up for my little girlie too. It's sad and wonderful all at the same time. Here she is now "Mama, can I tell you something?" and yes, and I hope you always will.

Kyoko said...

Hi Amy!
Happy birthday to your lovely daughter :D
How sweet is her smile!
I remember when I was 6, all I wanted to do was to knit and sew something. BTW the chicks are super cute.
Hope you had a wonderful time!