April 9, 2010

Baby Liliha for baby Norah

Don't you just love it when a pattern turns out exactly how you expect it to? Well then you'll love Kids Tricots patterns. Trust me! Even distracted by Norah's beautiful blue eyes and sweet baby smell (both intoxicating) my version of the Baby Liliha pattern turned out beautifully!

(Try not to notice that my six-year-old is stretching the poor little sweater out in her enthusiastic attempt to show it to the camera...)

I used a luscious baby alpaca yarn that I had bought for another project (so long ago that I couldn't remember what the project was) and I'll have enough to do one for said six-year-old too. Of course I'll use the Liliha pattern for that—which goes all the way up to a kid size 8. Yay!

But I was thinking it would be a perfect pattern for something lighter, maybe cotton or bamboo. In a sweet butter yellow. Or that gorgeous light sky blue that someday will be my Perfect Pie Shawl...

If I ever want to make all the projects I can imagine I'll need an assistant!

Happy knitting everyone (with our without assistants)!


muriel said...

oh thank you very much Amy!
I hope to see him carried by baby norah ;)

(the first version of liliha was in cotton;))

angelina said...

i'm working on a babyvest with babyalpaca; isnt it luxury!

Melissa said...

How cute! Love the colour - must be so beautifuly soft too :)