April 2, 2010

A few (dozen) lunchbags

Last fall when I was getting ready to send my daughter to kindergarten I found this pattern for a cute little lunch bag from Linen Wool Cotton. (You can download the pattern for free here.)

 {A small sample of the many, many lunch bags I made.}

How many lunch bags does a kindergartner need? I wondered as I sewed one after another. They were just so easy to make! And so adorable! I couldn't stop.

Well, I'm happy to report that a family can use quite a number of these little bags! Maybe a kindergartner needs one—or two—for school, but we've found lots of other ways to use them since the fall: they make a great tiny truck carrier, are perfect for stashing snacks on the go, are lovely for organizing small knitting projects, are just the right size to hold a gift of homemade cookies, and of course are perfect for when you can't leave the crayons at home but don't want to take the entire bin.

Am I justifying my mini-obsession with making them? Perhaps. But hey, they're useful and there are certainly worse ways to spend your time than sewing!

Happy sewing!

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angelina said...

i love them, thanks for listing.