April 26, 2010


So, I knit this cute little sweater by Heirloom Stitches recently (ok, a few months ago, but it's all relative, right?).

The size chart starts at 2 years, but I thought I'd make it a tad smaller—about 12 months—to fit Norah next winter. But somehow it turned out even smaller than that. In fact, it fits nicely right now.

It's hard to imagine that it'll still fit next year, which is a bummer since there are things I love about this sweater. Namely the yarn. Which, unfortunately, I can't remember the name of. But I could walk right up to it at the yarn store (I'm the same way about directions, I probably can't tell you how to get there but I can give you a lift and get there without a hitch). Anyway, it's yummy soft and super cozy warm. Perfect for a really cold winter day, but not so much for a balmy spring one.

At least I can offer a couple notes for anyone else who might also make this sweater (that is, in addition to giving this one to someone who has a baby in the late fall...):
  • Check your gauge and your measurements so you don't end up with a too-small-sweater too
  • Don't follow the directions for the buttonholes. I did a simple yarn-over, knit-two-together (yo, k2tog) deal and still had to use ginormous buttons, which I'm not really thrilled about
Oh well. If I can't find another baby for it then it can always be unraveled to become something else. Maybe a hat or two...

Happy knitting!

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