April 13, 2010

Sweet and Simple Baby Skirt

My sweet little neice Emily is turning one this month and I thought Leila and Ben's Simple Skirt would be the perfect gift.

And this is for two reasons: first, how cute is this skirt? Seriously, it's adorable. Second, the name of the skirt says it all, and doesn't lie. It's really, really simple to make. I managed it on a day when baby Norah would not, under any circumstances, be put down for more than two minutes. In about six two-minute periods I ended up with this:

 Cute, huh? It was so quick, in fact, that I'm thinking about making a Black Apple doll to match. 

{This is one Santa made for my six-year-old.}

Check out these super cute versions of this free doll pattern: here, here, and here.

Here's to simple projects for two-minutes-at-a-time days!

Happy sewing everyone!

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