May 21, 2010

Embroidering Kid Art

One of my kindergartner's two teachers is pregnant with her first baby and as a gift the class is making her a baby quilt with embroidered squares of student-drawn art.

{Mother and baby whales by Sophia}
{Whale by Nina}
Of course I volunteered to embroider a couple of the squares. I was asked to keep it simple with only one color and the look of a line drawing and they are cute that way. that they're done I'm itching to do a few with a bit more color. Here are some of my favorite drawings by the kids in my house that I might use (with a little help from tips out of the Amanda Blake Soule book, The Creative Family):
{"Me on a sunny summer day," by Sophia}

{"Me," by Oliver}

{"A Girl Heart Monster," by Sophia}

I'm not entirely confident that I can do them justice but it will no doubt be fun to give it a try!
Happy stitching!

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