May 19, 2010

Knitting Classic Style

I've got another new, "but really it's a classic" knitting book in the shop, and it's appropriately titled: Knitting Classic Style. When this book arrived for the shop my mom snapped up the first copy out of the box and then zipped over to one of our favorite local yarn stores, Twisted.

She's busy knitting a ski jacket (she's told me several times now that "jacket" is definitely the right term—the sweater is heavy and warm!), never mind that she lives in south Texas.

In any case, she promises to share pictures when it's finished (probably any day now), and to either give the jacket to me or visit more often during the winter. I win either way!
I have to say, I love that she knits based on pattern love, or yarn madness, or color lust, like I do, rather than something sensible like the average temperatures of where she lives. It certainly proves my personal theory that knitting is much more about the process than the end product (although hopefully that's nice too).

Happy (irrational) knitting everyone!

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