May 13, 2010

Sandbox Pants

Well, I finally finished these Oliver + S Sandbox pants for my own Oliver.
And we're both happy with how they turned out.
I say "finally" because I started them a month ago (new babies, as many of you know, have a way of keeping you from the sewing machine...).
{April 13}
{April 27}
{May 12}

I love this pattern and only made two changes: I didn't make the drawstring for the waistband and just used elastic all the way across (I know from experience that the drawstring wouldn't stay tied on this boy) and did a double hem thing so that I could lengthen them when Oliver grows another half an inch next week.

The pattern was super easy to follow—even for a beginner—and would have taken an afternoon without the multitude of interruptions.

Oliver has already asked for a second pair. In blue please. We're heading to the fabric store this afternoon...

Happy sewing everyone!

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