August 6, 2010

Summer Herbs, Collected

Have you started to worry that the days of endless basil will be coming to a close all too soon? Well, I can't help with the delightful scent of basil on a gardener's (or farmer's market shopper's) hands, or with adding that perfect summery flavor to your homegrown (or farmer's market) tomato sauce, but I can offer you this new collection by Polka + Bloom.
Ok true, the patterns aren't new. But now they're collected. Which is cool, don't you think?

After you can all your tomatoes and freeze all your blueberries, you can stitch up all your favorite herbs so that you can gaze longingly at them in mid-winter and remember the scent of basil in the summer sun. That's my plan anyway!

Happy stitching everyone!

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