September 23, 2010


Have you been over to Spoonflower? If not, you should certainly check it out. It's a site where you can either design and print your own fabric, or buy fabric by other people who have done just that.

Here's a itsy bitsy sample of some of the super cool stuff I found:

{Doors and Window Shopping by pattysloniger}
{Rens Tractor by holli_zollinger}
  {Flat Flower by mudstuffing}
{Polka Tree by natalie}

 {Cherry by troismiettes}

{Clothespin People by heatherross}

True, it's not cheap ($18 - $32 / yard) but it's perfect if you want something unique for a really special project.

Happy sewing!

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Ines said...

Love the idea, thank you for sharing it :)