October 26, 2010

New Phydeaux!

Well, I'm very happy to say that there are new patterns in the shop today. I always like that. And these are just so lovely, really, you'll probably have the same reaction I did when I first saw them. Which of course was to immediately go yarn shopping!
Ariel Lace Neckwarmer

Cheques Shawlette

Dentelle Scarf

Embraceable Cowl

Regalia Cowl
I know, that still begs the question, which one to start with. True.

I love that they're all so elegant, but have really different styles. It's almost like you could make one of each and there would undoubtedly be someone in your life for each style. OR, and I apologize in advance for liking this option just a tiny bit more with the holidays upon us and all, you could make them all and have something for all your different fashion moods... Just a thought.

Happy knitting!

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