November 26, 2010

Feeling Inspired! + A Sale!

Oh my gosh, twice in one week! But I thought it might be nice to have something to browse on Black Friday (or Buy Nothing Day, if you prefer), after taking advantage of the little Black Friday Sale in the shop, of course! So how about Grosgrain where you'll find amazing sewing tutorials to get ├╝ber-inspired!

Poppy Boutonniere Tutorial from Grosgrain Fabulous
Last Minute Frock Pattern and Tutorial
Mockingbird Refashion Frock Tutorial
Embellish Knits Month Day Ten Tutorial
And that's just the tiniest sampling! There is so much more over there. Seriously, a girl could spend a week just looking!

But before you go, stop by the shop and use the code "BlackFriday" (but without the quotes) for 25% off everything (except shipping)! The code is good through Monday (cyber Monday!), so pick out something fabulous and get crafting!

Happy sewing!


Regina said...

thanks for the sale and I have never been to grosgrainfaboulous before - love all the ideas!

Jessi said...

So cute - New to your blog and I love it!