December 3, 2010

Some Great Last Minute Knits

I know, it's only December 3, but I'm afraid the time has come for the "last minute" part of that title. At least for knitters. Ok, some of you are speed knitters, and even I've been known to knit a sweater in less than a week (under extreme pressure, with chunky yarn, and of course resulting in that knitters-hand-cramp-thing), but extreme conditions aside, it's time to look at some of the awesome patterns in the "Last Minute" category.

Here are a few suggestions (some of which are new in the shop!):

First up the very, very awesome fingerless gloves or mittens, which make a fantastic gift for nearly everyone on your list. Both of these patterns can be knit with only one skein, which makes them affordable too (unless, of course, you like your mitts to be made of angora or something similar). One for knitters:
NEW! Darting Diagonals Fingerless Gloves by Tickled Pink Knits
And one for crocheters:
Fingerless Mittens by Frouge's Art
Or maybe someone you love needs a little something to warm their neck. There are so very many gorgeous scarf, cowl and neckwarmer patterns, here are just a tiny sampling:
Ariel Lace Neckwarmer by Phydeaux Designs
Charred Silk Scarf by Phydeaux Designs
Montebello Texture Cowl by French Press Knits
And then there are hats. I mean really, who couldn't use a new hat?
Jane by Jane Richmond

Christopher by Jane Richmond
Hunter Hat by Knittles
And finally a few little extras. One of my favorites: legwarmers. They're so, super easy to make, no need to worry about sizing, and there's little or no shaping. On top of all that, they make such a great gift.
NEW! Simple Legwarmers by Knittles
Wouldn't this flower be lovely added to just about anything?
Crocheted Flower by MarianneS
Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Never Not Knitting
And that shawlette, well, I'm pretty sure I'd have to make two because I'd want to keep one for myself, so maybe that's not so much a "last minute" pattern after all.

(I was going to include knits for kids in this post, but it's already a bit long, so look for that next week!)

Happy knitting everyone!

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