January 6, 2011

I Just Might Be Making an Impression After All

Around here, men sew. Or at least according to my four-year-old son they do (my husband can sew, probably better than me, but he doesn't do it very often). Which I think is pretty cool. And what's more, they bake, make jewelry, and knit with knitting needles (again, according to my little bruiser). So ok, I've got that kid hooked, no problem, he was pretty much born the crafty type.

But my six-year-old is another story. Her passion is books. She has little interest in the sewing machine her nana bought her a couple years ago, the cute, pink embroidery hoop or any of the vibrant floss I stocked the craft bin with. Nor yarn, nor fabric in any form. This, however, does not bother me (I have the four-year-old hooked, as I mentioned, so it's cool).

Yesterday, however, I felt a little jolt of joy when she screeched with delight at the sight of a book on cd I brought home from the library. She had already read the story but was really excited to hear it again because it is one of her "very, very favorites."

Welcome to Camden Falls, the first book in the Main Street series by Ann Martin
It's entirely possible that I'm reading too much into this but this story centers around a fabric shop! There's sewing in it! I mean, the girls in the story (and their grandmothers) sew!

Ok, maybe that has absolutely nothing to do with why she likes it, but I'll take it. And for any of you who have reading age kids (I'd say anywhere from 6 - 11 on this one), this is a great series (at least the parts I've heard so far).

Happy reading — or sewing!


Anonymous said...

would love to hear & see more of the projects you do with your 4- year old. new to sewing myself- we are slowly learning together- and any ideas are welcome!

Anonymous said...

(sorry we= myself and my 4 year old boy)

Jenn said...

LOL - I have a 6 year old girl who won't learn to knit and has very little interest in sewing - and a 4 year old boy who is my buddy in all I do.
I just checked out that very story at the library for my daughter. I am super excited to see if she likes it.

Mama Magpie said...

I'd be happy to share what my four-year-old and I craft together - what a great idea for a post (or two)!

And I hope your daughter likes the book, Jenn!

Monica said...

It would be great if you shared some of the crafts you do with your four-year old! I have a 3 year old boy, but so far he is onyl interested in trucks and soccer...and I would be delighted if I could share some other types of activities with him, I am just lacking ideas!