January 13, 2011

Oh Sweet Georgia

So I went to the yarn store last night and fell in love.
Tosh Merino Light
{It happens to me all the time.}
Georgia by Jane Richmond
But what doesn't normally happen—and did this time—was that I went with a pattern in mind (Georgia by Jane Richmond), walked right up to a gorgeous shade of red (Scarlet) on the awe-inspiring Madelinetosh wall, picked up three skeins (they're big; 440 yards each), and was ready to go.

Um, what?

Generally, my "quick" trips to the yarn store are at minimum 45 minutes.

But what can I say? It was love at first sight. Reds are really tricky—or at least I'm really picky about reds—so when I saw this absolutely perfect red in the right weight...well, why look any further?

{Full disclosure: Ok, I did browse for another 10 minutes. But just for fun.}

Too bad I was so proud of my speediness that I forgot to have the yarn wound. Did I mention each skein is 440 yards? Oh well.

Happy knitting (or winding)!


Trisha said...

Ooh, that is gorgeous. Have fun! I still need to knit the Jane Richmond pattern I bought from you.

CherylGaleRN said...

That is lovely yarn. Sounds like you need a swift!

Tracy said...

I'm a novice knitter, and working on my first pair on long sleeved arm/wrist warmers. I am loving that red and going to look for it next time I make it down to the yarn store. My sister and I could spend hours dreaming up different projects in the yarn shop when we go, but that's why we bring her 4 year old son - he keeps us in line :)

happy knitting!