January 10, 2011

A Photo Collection Titled, "No, no, no, no Baby!"

Does anyone else do that? Put something on your 10-month-old baby in order to take a picture and then spend the whole time saying, "No, no baby!" as they try to take said object off?


So this little collection should be titled something like, "The Cute Hat I Knit for Norah While I was Still Pregnant" or "A Highly Modified Version of Pixie Cap from Vintage Baby Knits" but instead it's called, "No, no, no, no Baby!"

The funny thing is, once she got it off, all she wanted to do was try to put it back on!

Oh well. It's still a cute hat, even if I can't get the baby to wear it!

Happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

Very cute - both hat and baby!

emerson-j said...

i get my baby to model as well...shes just turned one and it may be the end of her career as hats last about 3 seconds on her head now.
i really love the hat its different to what i have seen and i love love love grey!!!

Auntea said...

Oh how I laughed looking at the precious baby, the hat, the hat trying to go back onto the baby. I am now a grandma chasing my little ones and trying to get pictures, going through the same thing.

Mama Magpie said...

Thanks everyone!

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

oh she so sweet! The hat is lovely too :)

Monica said...

All I can say is that you'll have no better luck when she's 3. My son refuses to model anything! He makes it a point to either rip it off or run away as soon as he sees the camera! The hat is very cute, adn so is the baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the hat is cute, but the BABY is adorable! My kids would never wear hats once the were old enough to take them off.