February 9, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

Ok, so it's no secret that I have a thing for patterns. Right. But have I ever mentioned that I'm really, really bad about sticking to them? Weird, right? Sometimes I just add a trim of some kind. Sometimes I'll throw in some color work. Evey now and then I put a bird on it (ack, I couldn't help it! Portlandia!)

So anyway, let's just have a little fun with some ideas—birds or no birds.

How about this:
Amelia by Jane Richmond

Plus this:
Crocheted Flower by MarianneS
To make this:
How cute!

Ok, how about this one:
Sweet Little Baby Dress by Leila and Ben
 Plus a few pintucks or pleats to get something like:
From Muji.net
What if you added a wide fabric sash to the awesome Schoolhouse Tunic?
Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated
You'd get something like this awesome Ribbons Tunic by Emersonmade:
See how fun this is?

Send over some of your own, won't you? I'd love to see your ideas!
Happy Wednesday!

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Summer said...

OMG! I'm in LOVE with EmersonMade!
Thank you for sharing :)