February 3, 2011

Justifying My Madness

I've always admired crafters who can start one project and finish it before starting another. Unfortunately for me, I've never been like that. So in this case, "Madness" refers to the number of projects I have in progress—which, no matter how many I finish, seems to remain about the same.

{Of course the real reason I continually start new projects is probably because I have so little self control when it comes to yarn (or fabric), but hopefully you'll be able to humor me while I go through the reasons I generally tell myself (ahem).}

I'll use knitting to demonstrate, but this could easily apply to sewing too.

The first reason: Like you, I'm really, really busy. Too busy to think sometimes. And whenever things get more hectic than I like (practically every day), all I can think about is sitting down with an easy knitting project. I obsessively, ridiculously, irrationally long for a moment to knit. I think this is because knitting can be so relaxing. Meditative, almost.

Meditatively Easy:
Pico Edged Baby Blanket and Washcloth
Reason two: something similar to the meditatively easy project is the "meeting project." That's anything that's easy enough to do during a large meeting of some sort where knitting isn't a distraction to the people around me or maybe during a play date where there are moments here and there to knit, but I know I'll have to put the project down a lot. Usually this is just about any project that is at a point where the knitting has gotten simple, even if there are other parts of the project that are more complicated.

The Current Meeting Project:
Wispy Cardigan
Reason three: Of course I have been knitting for nearly 20 years, so sometimes easy is just, well, too easy. So on those days when I've had more sleep the night before than usual, or a preschool meeting is suddenly canceled and I have an hour to myself, on those days something a little more complicated might be what I gravitate towards.
Requires Paying Attention:
Cheques Shawl
Reason four: Some projects we actually need. I often make more than one version of this kind of project, in several sizes or colors (or both).
A Most Useful Project:
Classic Raglan Pullover
Reason five: And then there are the projects I can't help but start because the pattern is just too darling. (There are quite a few of those.)
Just Too Darling Not to Knit:
Esprit Folk Tunic
Nevermind that I might have as many as three or four projects in each category. No, nevermind that little detail.

Happy knitting!


Heidi said...

I am right there with you about having a bunch of projects going on at once. Lately I have been forcing myself to finish one thing before starting another, but that somehow steals the joy away from creating whatever it may be, when I am forced to finish it. More like work less like creative fun.
Your projects are just beautiful!

Mama Magpie said...

Thanks Heidi! I completely agree - when I force myself to finish things it suddenly becomes work. Sometimes I get into a productive finishing mode, but more often I just have a lot of projects started at once!

millie said...

Those are beautiful projects. I just wanted to thank you for this post, because you made me feel better. I have been accused of having crafting adhd, and always have many projects going at once, too. I was contemplating starting to play with a new idea just this morning, then felt bad about the many I already have going. But I haven't felt like working on any of those today. So, I think I will go start on this new little idea anyway. I hope you have a great day!

kendra said...

too true! you could probably throw in an 'it's my job' category too! i mean, you've got to field-test these things, right? : )

Mama Magpie said...

Oh, such a good point Kendra! So true, so true! :)