April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

In an effort to encourage all of you to use your crafty power for good this Earth Day, I think I'll make last year's Earth Day Sale and annual event. Yay!
Grocery Bag by Keyka Lou Patterns

Flower Girl Bolero by Cotton & Cloud
 How is a sale going to be good for the Earth, you ask? Ah well, here's my (possibly convoluted, but certainly inspired) reasoning:

All the pdfs in the shop are discounted 20% (!), so there's:

a) No shipping! No mail trucks, airplanes, boats, or trains using fossil fuels to get your patterns to you. So that's good.

b) Probably you've been meaning to use something awesome from your stash to make a reusable bag to take to the grocery. I know, me too. (Actually, what I need is MORE reusable bags since I never seem to ever have enough.) Now is the time! You already have the fabric, the pattern is a downloadable pdf (and so it's discounted), and when you're done you can answer "neither" to that "paper or plastic?" question. So that's good!

c) Remember the last time the yarn store had a sale and you bought all that luscious Malabrigo? Right, me too. Well, why not knit up something for your favorite (like, really, really favorite) little kid? Instill an appreciation of handmade goods, which by their nature are eco-friendly (right?). And that would be good!
Spring Birds by Polka and Bloom
Reason enough?

Well ok! Then here's the code: EARTH20.

If it's a pdf it's on sale all weekend. 20% off! Pick some out and get crafty!
Happy shopping!

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