April 4, 2011

Talk to Me

So this is happy. It's time for major updates to the Magpie site. Yay!

Why, "yay!?" Well, first ask all the lovely stitchers who tried to download the super adorable Book Smart pattern this past week. {So sorry about that everyone!}

Then ask my husband about how much time I spend futzing with it just to get new patterns up or messing with the whacky shipping charges, or swearing at the computer when things aren't working the way I want them to. Bah.

And then there's the real reason {and the best one} which is: my little shop is kinda popular now! Yay! Yay! And there are a lot of things I had wanted to do for the site that just didn't fit into the budget the first go around (almost two years ago now—ack!).

Ok, so let me get to the point here. I would LOVE to know what you would like to see change. What would make the site work better for you? When you're browsing, what drives you nuts? Is there anything you wish you could do or information you wish was there or magic you wish could happen, but can't/isn't/doesn't right now?

Send me a note (magpie at magpiepatterns.com), leave a comment, tweet, use telepathy, whatever. But let me know! {And, I'm sure this is unnecessary since you are all such sweethearts, but if you can be nice about your suggestions, that would be so lovely.}

Happy crafting!


Sarah said...

I love your site! I haven't had problems. But I was wondering, how are you enjoying knitting the Esprit Folk Tunic? I think it's so cute, but I was having problems downloading the English version from her website, so I'm excited to see that you have it in the shop!

Mama Magpie said...

Hi Sarah,
So far so good! I have to admit that I've just started (I'm on the button band) because I'm a perpetual project starter and have six (!) knitting projects going right now. But the translation is excellent and the instructions are easy to follow. Hope that helps!