April 18, 2011

Well Hello There!

Long time no post! Sorry about that! Life is that way sometimes, isn't it?

Alright, so the plan is to make this a week of new patterns. A little sewing, a little knitting, and a little stitching. So that's good!

First up this week are the new and much-requested Oliver + S patterns for Spring...
Family Reunion Dress

Classic Picnic Blouse and Shorts

Seashore Dress
I have to admit that until yesterday Spring seemed pretty far away around here. But now! Now that the sun has come out, and the hail (that's right, hail) has stopped...well now I can think about Spring!

As crazy as it sounds, I have high hopes for sewing a lot of the kids summer clothes this year, so you know I'll be testing these adorable patterns out. In fact, I've already started on the Family Reunion Dress for my seven-year-old, for the afore mentioned wedding. So far so good, but I'll keep you all posted as the project progresses.

Happy sewing!

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angie said...

love those Oliver and S patterns, wish they were a little bigger.