May 5, 2011

First Let's Talk About Hand-Painted Yarn

...And how much I love it.

Oh yes, I am a sucker for hand-painted yarn. What you see here is Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (or KPPM for short). Which is dyed—by hand, mind you—in small batches for a gorgeous watercolor-y look when knit up.

But honestly, I even love it still in the skein. And what's more, it's finely spun merino, so it's as much a pleasure to knit as it is to look at.

And today I have the perfect pattern to go with this luscious yarn (ok, true, there are probably dozens of perfect patterns for a yarn like this, but here's one at any rate):
Peasant Raglan by Heirloom Stitches
Isn't that cute? It looks so summery to me. Something a lucky kid would wear on the beach or at the lake. I could even see making it with short or cap sleeves—perfect for early summer, late evenings, and back to school. And I haven't made one (yet) but I'd bet it's really easy, which is always nice! Hmm, maybe it would be something to knit from the comfort of your shaded beach chair...

Happy knitting!


Sophie & Me said...

KPPM is amazing yarn. I am a big fan also. I love the edge detail on this pattern. It really dresses up a simple pattern nicely. I could also see this pattern with rolled edges. Thanks for sharing it!

Diana said...

Hi there, I loved your hand-painting yarn, so please tell me.. how do you paint it..??

The owner of this sweater is lucky..!!

Mama Magpie said...

Hi Diana,
Thanks so much for the compliments, but I can't take credit for that amazing yarn. The KPPM comes painted like that! I found mine at Purl Soho, but I'll bet a lot of yarn stores carry it.
Happy knitting!

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