May 23, 2011

Well Hello There...

Long time no post! Sorry about that!

We were in Ohio for that wedding I had mentioned earlier, which was a lot of fun and kept everyone busy, busy, busy! On top of that, baby Norah caught a stomach flu and then very generously shared it with the family. Bah.

But we're all better now. Phew.

So, I am very lucky to know (cyber-wise, that is) Jenny and Angel, the two incredibly generous and caring women who write the blog Stumbles and Stitches. They are holding a raffle to raise money for the victims of the tornadoes a few weeks ago in the American Southeast. As many of you now know, the storms ravaged a number of southern states, destroying buildings, neighborhoods, and towns.

{Photos from JamiesRabbits, through Creative Commons}

The raffle is for FIVE very cool prize packages and all you have to do to enter is follow three simple steps listed in this post. They are trying to reach a goal of $2000 by Wednesday and they're almost done it, so don't waste any time! Get over there and enter!

Just in case you're still on the fence, here are some of the awesome prizes included in the packages:
And actually there's a LOT more, so go check it out!

Good luck!

**The tornado that killed 89 people in Missouri today makes it even more pressing that we help where we can. In addition to donating to the Stumbles and Stitches cause, please consider sending hope and loving thoughts to everyone affected by this tragedy.** 

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Jenny said...

Thanks for posting this Amy (and for your contribution to the prizes)!! Getting caught up on the news here, the Joplin destruction is mind-boggling.