June 1, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

I had a very stittchy weekend—some embroidery, some knitting, even a little bit of sewing. All three of my kids were sick (again! sheesh!) so we were housebound. And the only nice thing about being housebound with three sick kids is the chance to catch up on my stitching!

Which, I have to say, wasn't so bad.

And of course I spent a little bit of time searching out inspiration when I wasn't actually working on anything.

Here's a bit of what I found while the kids slept, watched Pingu, or sipped hot tea:

The completely awesome Ribbons Tunic by EmersonMade
Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray
Spring Sheets by Alicia Paulson
From the Amimono Knit Collection 2010

Duvet and pillow from Little Auggie
Runny noses, fevers and sore throats are always easier to handle with a little crafting, don't you think?
Happy Wednesday!


Jennifer said...

WHERE can I get that Emersonmade Ribbon Tunic?! It's not on their website anymore, darn it! Love, love, LOVE it!!

Mama Magpie said...

Hi Jennifer,
I know, right? I love it! I think we're both out of luck, but I'd be if you added a sash to the Schoolhouse Tunic, it would be pretty close...