August 10, 2011

Feeling Inspired!

I think someone at Ikea has been spying on me.

We've got a growing family and a house that stubbornly refuses to get any larger, so we've been trying to get creative about how we use our space.

And what do you know? The latest Ikea catalog is all about transforming small spaces.

True, true, Ikea has pretty much always been the best source for outfitting small spaces in style—without breaking the bank—but this particular catalog really got my attention.

I love this space because I'm always stumped by big open spaces without defining walls. And this one—I love the trio of funky lamps! Kinda unrelated, but how cute is it that in these two, it's the papas who are comforting the babies? And this kitchen is awesome, and itty bitty!

And then, how about this super cute duvet? It won't change the way you use your space, but it's pretty darn cute!
Eivor Leva Duvet and Pillowcase Set
Or this one:
Torva Trädgård Duvet and Pillowcase

And I love this rug. My kids would have a hey day with the light background, but for someone else...
Eivor Crikel Rug
I love a good old reality check. Just when you've decided that the only solution is to move to a bigger house, along comes a whole bunch of inspirational ideas!

Happy crafting!


Creative Design said...

Really lovely choices, all!


Janneke said...

I love the duvet cover, might just buy it for the fabric. Could make a nice bag for example!