December 29, 2009

Vintage Inspired Baby Sweater

Somehow in all the holiday crafting I also managed to finish a sweater for the baby girl who will be joining our family in February (or March, as my very reasonable three-year-old likes to point out).

I fell in love with the Louise Cardigan, a sweet pink raglan from Vintage Baby Knits (and would post a picture from the book here, but alas, can't find one anywhere) but decided to make this one in a lavender gray...

This pattern was a breeze to follow. The instructions are very clear and all the steps make perfect sense (I'm always bothered by patterns that have the knitter do something odd, but it never becomes clear as to exactly why). It's knit as one piece, which is lovely, and the details are all very simple to do.

I changed the yarn—only because I couldn't find the yarn the designer used in stock anywhere—and had to have only one button rather than two. (Only because I went to three fabric/yarn stores looking for the perfect buttons and simply couldn't find them. Then I found this one in my stash at home. But there was only one, so there you have it.) But other than that, I followed the pattern word for word, which is such a joy, and probably the reason I was able to finish it so fast!

This book has definitely captured my attention: I'm already working on two other projects from it...

And I'm sure I'll have to make this sweetie-pie:

But I suppose that's another post!
Happy knitting everyone!

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