January 4, 2010

Poor Bunny — Hand-Stitched Felt Redux

Remember this post? The one in which Christmas was quickly approaching and bunny still needed to have her head attached to her body?

Well...only two days after Christmas found bunny with two separate appointments for reconstructive surgery.

Looking a bit like Franken-bunny, don't you think?

My five-year-old—the recipient of this doll—is a very gentle child, so I don't think that this little neck problem has anything to do with rough play. I suspect that the way these dolls are constructed isn't exactly hug-proof.

In fact, in retrospect I would have sewn her together differently.

I got the pattern from this lovely, lovely book, and as mentioned in my original post, pretty much followed the instructions as written. Now I think rather than cutting four separate pieces for the body and head (two for each), as the pattern instructs, I would have cut two pieces: the front body/head and back body/head.

This would mean that I would have had to stuff the bunny from another place (rather than the neck), but it would have been just as easy to do from the top of the head — or even better, the side of the body, which gets covered by clothes (that can't be removed) anyway.

Hopefully I'll find a way to get bunny's head to stay put, but if not I'll probably give my new idea a try. If so, I'll let you know if it's a little more love-proof!

Happy sewing everyone!


Diane Archer said...

I wonder if you can put a popsicle stick or a thin piece of wood or even some cardboard inside to stabilize the neck.

Mama Magpie said...

Good idea, Diane. I'd like to save the head (what a funny thing to write...) mostly because of the embroidery. I'll give it a try. Hope you're well and that you had a lovely holiday!