January 5, 2010

Found and Finished 1: A Series

I have so many unfinished projects lurking in my WIP (work-in-progress) bags, baskets, and bins—not to mention my attic—that I've decided to start the new year off by finishing at least some of them. A lot of them were started for one of my children, or friends' kids, who have now completely outgrown them—either in stature or concept.

But! I have a new baby coming in February, so there's reason to revisit many of these projects!

I started with an easy one—you know, to get the ball rolling—a sweater that I found like this:

Almost completely knit, just not sewn up (it also needed a button band and neckband, so there was a little bit of knitting left to do). It was intended for my oldest daughter to wear when she was about one (she's almost six now). Sigh.

I was particularly motivated to finish this sweater because I had used one my favorite yarns, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, a yarn that should never, ever be wasted. (Of course, isn't that true of all yarn?)

I remember that I had made the pattern up as I went along, so I'd have to make up the button and neck bands as well. I decided on a simple crocheted edge with only two buttons at the top. I might change that in the future and have buttons run all the way down the length, but we'll see.

In any case, here's how it looks finished:


Not bad! And you have to love a project that can be finished in less than an hour!

Happy New Year eveyone! And as always, happy knitting!

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