March 2, 2010

Even more vintage baby knits

This is my latest creation from the book Vintage Baby Knits, and though I love the pattern, I'm not entirely satisfied with how my version turned out. I think I was just a little rushed and um, a bit sloppy (I always think I won't mind whatever "fixes" I'm making along the way rather than ripping out mistakes when the piece is finished but I'm always bothered by them).


In this case I noticed that the lace pattern was sort of drifting, so with each row I thought I'd just adjust it, but regardless, it kept drifting. Until about half-way down, at which point it corrected. Clearly I should have stopped and backed up, but I pressed ahead instead. Oh well. I probably won't rip it out now and after this baby has worn it, I'll be sure to pass it on to a non-knitter who (maybe) won't notice!

To knitting successes, mild mistakes, and even full-blown blunders! They're all beloved in some way  or another (some more so than others, but still...)

Happy knitting!

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