March 1, 2010

Found and Finished 3: Little Tree

I may be stretching it a bit with this "Found and Finished" installment, but I'm hoping you'll forgive me. I had bought a package of onesies before my oldest daughter was born, with the intention of embroidering them. There was one left in the package (none of the other had been embroidered, just worn plain) and I thought I'd resurrect my old plan for the new baby.

I've long been an admirer of embroidery—or rather, of skilled embroiders—but a little too nervous to try it myself (aside from embroidering little accents here and there on sewn projects).

Well, all that has changed! Here's my first attempt at an actual image:

It's one of the designs in the Seedling Trio by SeptemberHouse, all of which are so, so lovely, but this one just happened to fit nicely on a onesie. I think I'll try the others too, although my six-year-old has, quite reasonably, requested that I do something for her. I have some new embroidery patterns to add to the shop that would be perfect for a six-year-old girl... hmm, I think I'm hooked! 

For anyone else who would like to give it a try but are a little nervous, take my attempt as encouragement—it's lots of fun and not as hard as you might think! And check out this tutorial, which is super helpful:
Happy stitching everyone!


Corinne said...

Oh my gosh, what a perfect way to use this pattern! I love it :)

Jenn said...

Really sweet. Nice work!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

I have so many lost projects waiting to be resurrected too! This one is really cute - love the heart in the roots!