March 24, 2010

Stitching Lesson with Follow the White Bunny

 I am lucky enough to have become cyber-friends with Nicole Vos van Avezathe, emboridery designer extraordinare of Follow the White Bunny patterns. Not only is she terrifically inspiring and encouraging, but she is also thoughtful enough to offer to contribute to the Crafty Bird blog while I continue to get in the groove of our newly expanded family. Needless to say, I was happy to take her up on her offer!

So today and every week for a few weeks, Nicole will walk us through some embroidery basics. Which, for me, is perfect timing since I've recently discovered my love of embroidery!

Many thanks to Nicole, and be sure to visit her fabulous blog, Follow the White Bunny, for lots more inspiration!

Happy stitching everyone!

One: Follow me and start stitching your first embroidery soon!

Embroidery is a lovely way to embellish your fabrics, clothes or even paper and shower curtains as Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching shows in her latest book Embroidered Effects.  Equally important, it is great fun to do and can be almost therapeutic (really!). Modern and hip embroidery is on the rise and there are many awesome patterns out there, so you don’t have to be stuck with boring old-fashioned patterns, unless you want to of course … ;) 

I started to embroider a couple of years ago but I still feel very much like an embroidery newbie.  There are many different types of embroidery (blackwork, redwork, crewel to name a few) and many stitches to learn . So much so that it may all seem a bit overwhelming for the aspiring embroiderer.  So let me take you by the hand and get you started on this wonderful craft!  I will just show you the way I would explain it to you as if you were sitting next to me on the couch.  It will be by no means extensive or complete, just enough friendly advice to help you on your way. ☺

Next week I will discuss which materials you need (or which ones are handy) to get started


Georgia said...

Yay Nicole!

Rachel O'Donnell said...

How fun! I have been wanting to try some embroidery - I look forward to the lessons!

Cat said...

I've started some embroidery over the last few months but am still very much a novice. Looking forward to your posts. :)

Nicole said...

Thanks ladies! I will only cover the essentials here but I hope it will be helpful anyway! Also, please let me know if you have any embroidery questions. I'm happy to help out. :)