March 23, 2010

Valerie's Cute Little Caps

Here are two adorable versions of Leila and Ben's Little Cap by a Crafty Bird and talented sewing mama, Valerie.

{Sock Monkey Version, photo courtesy of Valerie}

{Black and White Version, photo courtesy of Valerie}

{Hat Insides, photo courtesy of Valerie}

I love her style with these caps! Particularly the interior/exterior contrasts. And isn't that baby adorable?

This is how she came to make the caps, and inspire me to (finally) make one for my own son:

Through random blog browsing I somehow ended up on Magpie Patterns and got hooked on the Leila and Ben "Little Cap".  After visiting a few times, I finally bought the pattern. Downloaded it and promptly got busy making a cap for my 10 month old son. Loved it so much, I made another one immediately. Thought I'd share the final products.

The sock monkey was the first hat. The second one is made out of a shirt I was tossing (loved the fabric, but the structure of the shirt had become sadly akin to a potato sack...). This provided an absolutely fabulous way to keep one of my favorite shirts alive and in circulation. And the (new) fabric I used to line it helps to provide a bit of the structure, not to mention a fun splash of colour against that black and white (admittedly 'aged' white...).

Many thanks Valerie for sharing your project!

Happy sewing everyone, and be sure to stop by Valerie's blog for lots of great mama- and craft-inspiration!

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