April 29, 2010

New Knitwear Designer on Magpie: Kristel Nyberg

There are a few lovely, new patterns by Finnish knitwear designer Kristel Nyberg in the shop today. I've been meaning to get these beauties on the web site for weeks and weeks (you all know my excuse by now, I'm sure, and you can bet I use it liberally and often these days!).

But I have to say that the timing is pretty good nonetheless. Two of the her designs are perfect for this funky Spring weather we're having here in Oregon (hopefully where you are it's a bit nicer): one minute warm and sunny the next cold and rainy. Every time I go out I want a sweater or jacket, but what I have on hand is too warm. A nice airy shawl and lightweight beret would be perfect; just enough to keep the chill off, but not so warm that I'm sweating a few minutes after leaving the house.
Don't you just love it when knitting can be your solution for something? I think I actually look for problems that can be solved by knitting. In fact, I'm off to resolve a multitude of issues that involve familial warmth and comfort this morning. Lucky me!

Happy knitting!

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