May 3, 2010

A New Life

So, it turns out that babies outgrow their handknit socks just as fast as everything else. Bummer. (I knit quite a few from this awesome—and free—pattern.) But happily I can report that these socks at least have found a new life, thanks to my three-year-old son.

Yep, that's his bunny. And the socks fit perfectly. The whole thing makes me think of Danger Crafts' Sammie the Sock Monster:

I don't know why, but there's just something cute about an animal (or monster) with socks on.

And of course I'm making more—a little larger—but this time I think I'll take a tip from Bunny and Sammie and make the socks longer, maybe mid-calf. That way baby Norah won't be able to kick them off so easily, or at least that's the plan. I'll let you know if my trickery works.

Happy knitting all!

1 comment:

Rachel O'Donnell said...

Oh that is so cute!!! At least the bunny won't outgrow them :)