May 5, 2010

Super Easy Kid Pants

A long, long time ago I bought some super cute fabric from The Fabric Bar with the intention of making these adorable monkey pants for Norah. I did make quite a few, but not with the precious Nani Iro fabric. Um, mostly because I'm a beginner and couldn't get the contrasting fabric to line up perfectly. (They'll all be wearable, just with the fabric in the rear slightly tilted...)

Anyway, tired of just looking at the cute fabric and with a free seven minutes on my hands (even that is hard to come by these days) I thought I'd just whip up a pair of these super easy kid pants—something I could be sure would turn out. You can find this same tutorial, among many other cool projects, in Amanda Blake Soule's book, The Creative Family.

Easy is lovely sometimes, don't you think?

Happy sewing!

1 comment:

angelina said...

hey, thanks for the link for the monkeypants tutorial, love them!