April 20, 2010

Ocean and Shore

Today brings two new patterns by the fabulous Cotton & Cloud—and they have me thinking about summertime!

I don't know about the beach closest to where you live, but here in Oregon, you would definitely want to bring along a vest or a knit dress to the coast. Even if it's warm and sunny when you arrive, by evening it'll be cool and breezy (if not cold and windy)—even in August (something I actually love about Oregon beaches). Of course, you don't have to be headed to the beach to dive into these lovely patterns! 

I really appreciate the clarity of the instruction in Cotton & Cloud's patterns. Even difficult techniques are explained in plain language, and when something is particularly tricky, there's often a link to a video tutorial to help walk you through (how clever!). I also really, really appreciate that both of these patterns are seamless. It's not that sewing up is hard, it's just where I always abandon a project (why is that?). This way—with no seams to sew—my project is finished when I stop knitting. Hooray!

Here's to warm, sunny days, and summer knitting!

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