April 21, 2010

Whip it

So, a few months ago, before baby Norah was born and while I was particularly round, my girlfriends and I saw the movie Whip it. Something about that flick had me living vicariously the entire two hours. Keep in mind that I was hugely pregnant and am definitely a pacifist—I don't usually have any desire to knock people down—under any circumstances—and particularly not while roller skating. But no matter. I wanted to dye my hair pink, don the appropriate gear, and kick some butt!

Instead I channeled my inner-roller-derby-diva and found these from Sublime Stitching:

Needless to say, way more appropriate for my condition, and quite honestly, stitching is much more my style. (I could still see the pink hair though...).

And speaking of my style, most days (when I'm not imagining myself as a roller queen) I'd go for the other new, more peaceful, Sublime Stitching pattern in the shop:
Cute, huh?

Some days we're sweet little birds and others we're roller queens! Happy stitching!

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