June 3, 2010

This? No, maybe like this...

So, I started this sweet little sweater from Vintage Baby Knits a week or so after Norah was born, which is going to be my excuse for why I completely missed the second panel of seed stitch at the bottom. I was a little, tiny bit distracted.

See where the red flowers are? Yep, that's supposed to be that missing panel of seed stitch. I know it's silly but I really, really liked that part of pattern. But by the time I realized I had missed it I was nearly finished and didn't feel like pulling the whole sweater out (it's knit from the bottom up).

So I tried to make up for it by adding a little red pizzaz in its place. Here's the first attempt with heavier wool.

Almost, but not quite right. I tried again with a lighter weight yarn, making the flower shape a little more delicate.

Better. Not quite as cute as the missing panel, but close.

Does anyone else out there improvise when knitting? Or rather when you make a mistake? As long as it looks like I planned it, it's all good right?

Happy improvisation!


Regina said...

I think the sweater is really cute with the embroidery stitches. I do improvise sometimes. I guess it depends on what I forgot something-or added something... and who it is for. ;)

Mama Magpie said...

Thanks Regina! That's true for me too - if I forgot something crucial I'll go back but if it can be "fixed" without ripping out I'll choose that path.