June 2, 2010

Mmm...more shopping

Well, the internet gremlins are still at work on the Magpie site (but don't let that keep you from stopping by since they only seem to be interested in my ability to add new patterns, the rascals), so I've done a little more shopping. Seems like the right thing to do in a situation like this.

Today, instead of jetting over to Fabric Depot with baby Norah, I was once again browsing Etsy and found far more sewing-related goodies than I bargained for. Does anyone else ever lose hours and hours at a time to wandering around Etsy? It is frighteningly easy to do!

Isn't that just lovely? I know, I know, I could make one myself, but when? My work-in-progress baskets (and bags and bins, ahem) are stuffed full already. And this one is already made!

So cute. Actually this shop has a lot of adorable tape, and I had a hard time choosing. The wooden spool tipped the scales for me on this one though.

Wouldn't that looks so nice in my studio? Yes, yes indeed.

I love this necklace for obvious reasons but also because my three year old son loves to tell the baby that she's "as cute as a button." Maybe this necklace could be the reminder of that sweetness—even when he's thirteen and has a blue mohawk.

Sigh. Oh I love this. I used to be an associate director at an art and ecology center on the Oregon coast where we offered residencies to artists, writers, and musicians. This fabric reminds me so much of that amazing time when I was surrounded by natural beauty and a constant flow of nature-inspired art by residents from all over the world. 

Happy sewing everyone!

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