July 17, 2010

Bright Blue Napkins

We have new, bright blue napkins for the table!

This isn't the most exciting project, I know, but it does bring to mind a personality trait that we probably all share. Which is this, when I see something I really love, almost without exception the first thing I think is: I could make that.

Sometimes that's true, sometimes not. And generally I don't actually make it (whatever "it" is), though I could (if I had say, nine life assistants or a consistent source of 56-hour days). But I do every now and then, like in this case.

The other day I saw the loveliest blue napkins at our local grocery store which brought on that ubiquitous crafter-thought. Which led to a quick detour to a local fabric store and a resulting date with my sewing machine.

And can I just say that although I always love to buy beautiful things, there's just something so satisfying about making something lovely myself. No surprise there, right? I mean, isn't that really the reason we all do what we do? There's no question that buying a sweater is far easier than knitting one (insert practically anything for "sweater," the corresponding craft for "knitting" and it's still true). But there's no comparison for how it feels after finishing a project. Don't you think?

Happy crafting everyone!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree! I need a new runner for my buffet table and although I would LOVE to go peruse the racks at homesense I just picked out some fabrics from my stash and am going to make my own tonight, by far a better idea.

Kathleen Valentine said...

Me too! I need a couple of duvet covers and when I priced them I thought not only could I make them for less, I could make them so much BETTER for less. I have a stockpile of gorgeous fabric and I love it when the perfect project comes along.

Rachel O'Donnell said...

Me too! I always think, hmmm if only it was in THIS fabric, or THIS size, or with THIS button... and if we could have 56 hour days, that would be fantastic :)