July 15, 2010

It Worked!

I kinda knew it would, but still, I was pleased when my little sewing experiment turned out so well.
I wanted to try to make the Sweet Dress pattern by Leila and Ben as a shirt, rather than a dress, for my six-year-old, as mentioned in this post. And it was as easy as you might have guessed (all you fantastic sewers out there).

In this case I used the largest size (5) and simply made it shorter. It looks like it'll fit at least through the summer (which is really all I can ask for these days) and could pretty easily make a cute dress for baby Norah in the near-ish future.

My next project (experiment) for said six-year-old will be an actual dress: the Dress with Lace Doily from Carefree Clothes for Girls. Cross your fingers for me!

Happy sewing!


Amy said...

Love it! I'd wear that shirt myself on warm summer days ;)

luvinthemommyhood said...

Looks great!