July 6, 2010

And Speaking of Easy...

Here's another standard in my sewing repretoire...the Lazy Days Skirt by Oliver +S.
I'm not sure how many skirts I've made with this pattern. A dozen? Maybe more. Let's just say that there are quite a few in Sophia's closet.
And despite the fact that it's intended for the lazy days of summer, I've made longer versions out of heavier fabric and they've worked great (with tights and mama-knit leg warmers) for the cold, rainy winter days. (But let's not dwell on that, summer has just arrived after all.)

In fact, when I feel like sewing but don't have the brain power for something too complicated, this is my go-to project. Perhaps that explains why my six-year-old has so very many of them!

Happy lazy days sewing!


myredbike said...

My Sophia has two of them! They're the first pieces of clothing I made for her. It's so great to be able to whip up a cute skirt in no time at all!

Regina said...

I keep thinking I should try this pattern. It is so cute!