July 5, 2010

Awesome Green Pants

I love these shimmery green corduroy pants. I knew I was on to something when I found the fabric (not only was it super fabulous green, and bamboo, it was also on sale!), but little did I know how much I would love the resulting pants.

Can I admit that one of the reasons I love them so much—aside from their inherent awesomeness—is because so many people stop me to compliment them. Which, in case you haven't gone out in public with an infant yet, is so very unusual. (Typically people compliment me on the baby not the pants the baby is wearing. Which of course I also love!)

I'm pretty sure that people like the fabric, not the style (as you can see, they're simple and straight-forward, nothing fancy), but I'll take it. When you're this busy sometimes you have to let the fiber (fabric, yarn, whatever) do all the work, don't you think?

The other reason I love them is because they were scary-easy to make. Yep, it's the super easy pants pattern once again. But hey, when something works...

Happy sewing everyone!


erin lebeau said...

cute pants! CUUUTE baby!!!

Mama Magpie said...

Thanks Erin! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww! Your baby is just so adorable. Is there any chance you could sew a pair of men's pants? I bet my boyfriend would love that fabric and they could make a great pair of slacks. Let me know if you have any tips I could use to help make this possible. Thank you.