July 21, 2010

A Small Change that's Kinda Big

So, you all know Jane Richmond, right?

Knitwear designer extraordinaire, I've been selling her patterns on the site since it's inception. And her patterns have a tendency to sell out—again and again and again. In fact, as Jane would no doubt attest, I have a bit of trouble keeping them in stock.

Well, that little problem won't be a problem any more. Now I'll be selling Jane's patterns as pdf downloads. Yay! Yay for me (no more frantic re-ordering when I suddenly sell the last copy of a pattern) and yay for you (pdf = no shipping charges and instant gratification) and yay for Jane (no more rushing to the post office with a stack of patterns for little old me).

The only catch, at this point anyway, is that I have to sell the stock I have on hand, so you'll see (if you're particularly observant, and I'm sure that you are) that only some of her patterns are listed as pdf's, while others remain printed.

But I doubt that will be the case for very long. I'm sure they'll all be converted to pdfs in no time. Considering how awesome her patterns are and all.

Happy knitting!

1 comment:

Bumpkin Bears said...

I have really enjoyed getting back into knitting & embroidery lately, such fun to pop by your blog. Those patterns look lovely. Catherine x