August 3, 2010

My Mom Rocks

We were lucky enough to have a visit by my mom last week (even though it was way too short). In addition to getting me a massage at the fabulous Zenana Spa (their focus is pampering pregnant and parenting families—I know, you love her already, don't you?) she brought hand-knit gifts for all three of the kids.

I made the mistake of letting the older kids wear their sweaters the day they were unwrapped. After spending a little time in the backyard that morning (yes, it's still cool enough for sweaters in the morning, sheesh!) the poor things are a mess. So they'll have to be a part of a different post...

Norah's, on the other hand, is still untouched by garden dirt, stray chicken feathers, or sidewalk chalk.
It's the Baby's Yoke Jacket by Cotton and Cloud, and it's so, so fabulous. Mom reports that it was an easy and pleasant project and that the pattern was extremely well-written. She made the jacket in a 24 month size—for next winter—because she wasn't sure how long it would take her to complete it. Now we know for sure that a) she's a quick knitter and b) baby jackets knit up fast.

Believe it or not I've been knitting too (you'd never guess based on the last two months of blog posts). But unlike my Mom, things we know for sure about me include: a) having a baby in the house makes me a slow knitter and b) even baby knits take me a lot longer these days! But if all goes well, even at my snail's pace I'll have a few things done before fall!

Happy knitting!

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emerson-j said...

thats really pretty and loooove the colour!!