September 8, 2010

New Oliver + S Patterns for Fall

Ok, so this should help you get geared up for National Sewing Month. We've got the new Oliver + S patterns in the shop today, and oh my, are the ever cute!

I have to admit that I've been anxious to get my hands on these patterns. The Music Box Jumper is designed for beginners so I figure I can probably manage making a bunch of them for my first-grader (hm, still getting used to that, a big part of me still thinks of her as a kindergartner). And I was a bit over-zealous once (twice? ok, maybe several times) in buying knits on sale, so I should have plenty in my stash for a half dozen pairs of the knit pants for the preschooler (ok, that's tough too, I'm not really ready for him to old enough for that title) or a dress or two for baby.

Happy sewing for your brood too!

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