September 7, 2010

Almost Ready

I'm pretty sure school has started in most places across the globe by now, but in Oregon it starts this week. For us, the first day is Wednesday.

So this weekend, in addition to hiking and lounging around and such, my six-year-old and I also made a first day of school skirt.

You guessed it - it's the Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt, with a "gathering" pocket on the side. I love that I can whip this skirt up in 30 minutes (that's with I-have-three-kids-distractions) and she loves that she can wear a skirt and still collect all kinds of treasures (flowers, berries, rocks, seeds, sticks, you know, the good stuff) in a pocket.

It's Momo's Freebird Twill Garden Nest and it's the perfect weight for a fall skirt (in my humble opinion).

Next up is a pair of first day of preschool pants for the three-year-old...

Happy school sewing!

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